Grant Information For Albama Colleges

Institutions within the Alabama College System obtain grant funding from state and federal government agencies or private entities. Federal agencies may provide direct grants to an institution or may utilize a state agency to provide such funding. In the latter situation, the state agency usually supplies a certain percentage of the total grant, but federal regulations still apply because the grant is ultimately linked to the federal agency. A few grants may be solely funded by a state agency.

This subfunction has been subdivided into two main categories. Financial Aid and Assistance reflects college’s assistance to students in applying for financial aid. Resource Development represents the college’s efforts in applying for grants for strengthening institutions or for developmental aid which targets specific needs.

There is a complete list of grants that Alabama offers to provide to the students. Some of these include:

Alabama National Guard Educational Assisstance Program
The Alabama Commission on Higher Education, is a statewide 12-member lay board, responsible for the overall statewide planning and coordination of higher education in Alabama. The Commission aims at facilitating optimum utilization of resources in response to the needs and requirements of students.

Alabama Student Grant Program:
According to this program, the students can apply for various grants depending upon their requirements.

  1. For high school graduates, the Central Alabama Community Foundation awards scholarships of over $50,000 annually.
  2. For the minority students, the Jr. Memorial Scholarship of $500 to $1000 is awarded.
  3. For all those seeking a teachers degree in Alabama, having a GPA of 2.5 or higher, the Jay Murphy Scholarship of $200 and $1000 is awarded.
  4. For the residents and students of Alabama, the Lola B Curry Scholarship is provided only to those who submit four copies of the General Scholarship Packet, official grade transcript and letters of recommendation.

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