Grant Information For Alaska Colleges


It is much easier to get a grant in Alaska compared to any other state. In fact, for just being a resident of Alaska or for attending a college in Alaska, you can enjoy the luxury of a financial aid through grants. The Government of Alaska uses a number of resources like, the state and federal government, schools, businesses and private individuals, to dole out college grants for the students of Alaska.
The very core source of scholarship and grant programs for students of Alaska is the Alaska Commission on Post Secondary Education. However, the most accessible grant is the need-based and state-funded Alaska Advantage Grant. Usually an amount of $500 and $2000 is designated to the students.

List of Alaska College Grants

  1. University of Alaska Scholars Program : This program awards almost 1000 scholarships of up to $11,000 for each academic year.

  2. Koniag Education Career Development Grant : Two grants awarded each year to one Alaskan Native freshman for career development. The amount for this grant is determined according to application.

  3. The increased need for having more teachers and medical professionals in the state of Alaska has been responsible for the various grants, scholarships and tuition reimbursement programs being offered to the students.

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