Grant Information For Arkansas Colleges

The state of Arkansas, with all its beauty and pride is a very convinient place to live in but, when it comes to thinking about higher education, you really need to reconsider your choices. However, unless you have researched all the hundreds of grants that are available to you as a resident of the state and as a student, you cannot write off the idea of receiving a college education completely.

Here is a complete list of the various state based grants that you can choose from:

  1. Wall-Mart Foundation Community Scholarship: This grant is awarded in several different catagories, including the Community Scholarship. This is for an amount of $1000. There is a facility for an Associate Scholarship, primarily for the Wal-Mart employees and can even cover for your studies abroad, tuition, books, fees as well as on-campus room and board.

  2. REACH Scholarship : This is exclusively provided for full or part time employees of Wal-Mart who have been out of high school for at least a year or two.

  3. Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship : In order to be eligible for this scholarship one needs to be either attending a state college or should be a student supposed to have completed the required curriculum in high school, meet minimum GPA and have an income less than $65000.

  4. Arkansas Health Education Grant Program(ARHEG) : This grant is offered to students interested in studying for the medical industry. This also provides a facility to study in some college outside the state, should the required program not be available within the state.

  5. Arkansas Student Assistance Grant Program : This is a grant typically for the undergraduate students  of the state. The grant accounts for nearly 600-5500 students of the state.

For More Information visit : Grants by State

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