Art Scholarships

Art Schlorship
Most vocational courses are known to cost a lot of money. This holds especially true for the art classes where you are required to restock your supplies frequently and this definitely accounts for a lot of overhead costs. For covering all such expences, the best option is to apply for one of the several art scholarships.

The art scholarships differ from other scholarships in that, for most scholarships you need to demonstrate your academic achievements and fill out applications, while for the art scholarships, you just need to compile a portfolio of your work, for which you will be judged. Although, you may apply for student loans to cover for your college expences, scholarships are definitely a better choice since they don't require to be paid back and are sort of free money.

There are several different art scholarships that the students can qualify for. Some of these include:

  1. The Scholastic Art Awards : This is an award recognizing nearly 50,000 regional winners, of which, the works of almost 800 young artists receive gold and silver awards in each of the 14 art catagories like, animation, ceramics, digital imagery, painting, printmaking, video and film and a lot more.

  2. NFAA Arts Recognition and Talent Search : One of NFAA's main programs is ARTS (Arts Recognition and Talent Search). ARTS recognizes amateur artists in various disciplines of Dance, Jazz, Photography, Visual Arts, Music, Writing etc. Every year, NFAA awards nearly $900,000 in cash awards apart from contributing $3 million in scholarship opportunities.

  3. Liberty Graphics Art Scholarship : Liberty Graphics is a company in Maine, known to specialize in designing and printing t-shirts. The company aims at encouraging local artists and conducts a juried art contest every year, where the winner is presented with a $1000 award. However, this theme based contest is only for the high school seniors of Maine.

  4. The WorldStudio Foundation Scholarship : This scholarship requires the applicants to pursue a graduate or undergraduate degree in fine or commercial arts, design or architecture and plan a career in creative professions. Also eligible are the international students studying at accredited colleges in US.

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