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Fusion is an international youth and community organisation which emerged as a creative response to socially-at-risk young people in Australia. Today, Fusion has over 250 staff and thousands of volunteers in 45 teams and centres in Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece and Albania, Canada and the Caribbean, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, India and South Asian region, and Indonesia. While it began its work among youth, the importance of a healthy and caring community to nurture each new generation has led Fusion into extensive community work in Australia and beyond. Fusion’s services focus on community building and finding a sense of purpose. Fusion believes that nations will find a sense of direction as they understand their unique social history and the way this has shaped the consciousness of their people. It is as each nation sees what it might become and gives each of its people a chance to fulfil their God-given potential, that hope and harmony are born.
It is our belief that providing an individual with meaning and community enables them to become resilient and better able to cope with the crises that life brings. Our services seek to build community and purpose. Fusion Centres are established in response to research of local need.
Fusion Australia offers follwing Courses.

Certificate I in Hospitality
Certificate I in Business
Certificate III in Youth and Community Work (Christian)
Certificate III in Home and Community Care
Certificate IV in Youth and Community Work (Christian)
Diploma in Youth and Community Work (Christian)
Advanced Diploma in Youth and Community Work (Christian)
The village of Poatina, 45 minutes from Launceston in Tasmania, Australia was bought by Fusion in 1995. It is a community which blends together permanent residents, students and young people in need. Established as a tourist resort with a motel and restaurant at its heart, Poatina is also the international headquarters of Fusion and the main training centre. Thousands of visitors, both national and international, pass through the community each year.