Cowlishaw Street, Tuggeranong ACT 2900 6205-6222
  • Director N/A
  • Establishment 1990
  • Location Tuggeranong, ACT. Australia.
  • Type Private
  • Vice principal
Lake Tuggeranong College (LTC) is situated 20 km south of Canberra city, the capital of Australia. It overlooks picturesque Lake Tuggeranong and has tree-lined suburbs to the east and the bustling Tuggeranong Town Centre to the west. Lake Tuggeranong College makes an immediate impression on visitors with stunning architecture, taking full advantage of the lakeside setting. Incorporated in a modern complex of tastefully finished buildings are facilities unrivalled in Australia. OUR VISION: RESPECT, CONTRIBUTE, LEARN AND SUCCEED
The goals of the Extension Program are: to provide students with instruction in the regular curriculum with appropriate enrichment/acceleration for the students’ interest, readiness and learning style; presentation of content that is related to broad-based issues, themes or problems as an extension of the regular curriculum; development of productive, complex, abstract and/or higher order thinking skills; and uncouragement of student self-understanding and abilities with the aim of students becoming self-directed and appreciating likenesses and differences.

Specialist Mathematics
Mathematics Tutorials
Physical Education
CSIRO Program
Opened in 1990 Lake Tuggeranong College (LTC) is a secondary college situated in Canberra in the ACT providing high quality Year 11 and 12 experiences. It boasts a fine record of student academic, vocational, sporting, cultural and social achievements. Students have the opportunity to take part in a variety of subjects in Tertiary (T) and Accredited (A) courses as well as Vocational (V) and Registered Units (R).