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  • Established 1986
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UNSW Canberra is the Canberra campus of The University of New South Wales (UNSW) and is located at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). The Academy was opened in 1986 and operates under an Agreement between The University of New South Wales and the Commonwealth of Australia. The Academy provides tertiary education and military training for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Undergraduate students are mostly all midshipmen of the Royal Australian Navy and officer cadets of the Australian Regular Army or of the Royal Australian Air Force, who are in residence at the Academy. In addition to their academic studies, these midshipmen and officer cadets undertake programs of military training at the Academy and at Service training establishments around Australia.
The primary aim of academic studies at ADFA is to provide midshipmen and officer cadets with a balanced and liberal undergraduate education, with a view to establishing the foundation of tertiary knowledge, skills and aptitudes that is required of them in their military profession
We offers following Courses.

Undergraduate Programs:
Undergraduate entry to the Academy is open only to Australian residents who are members of the Australian Defence Force and selected members of overseas Armed Forces. Cadets are selected by one of the three armed services and must also meet academic entry requirements as well as age, physical and personal requirements.

Postgraduate Coursework:
Itis designed for students from overseas universities who wish to come to UNSW to obtain research experience or professional/industrial practice.

Postgraduate Research Program:
This professional practicum is for a limited period (usually between two and six months) and may be a formal requirement for the award of a degree at the student’s home university.
The Canberra campus of the University of New South Wales is located at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). ADFA is located in an Australian bushland setting less than five kilometres from the city centre and the Canberra airport. Canberra is a modern city just over ninety years old, chosen as Australia's national capital in 1908 as a diplomatic solution when both Melbourne and Sydney wanted the role. Its name comes form the local Aboriginal word 'Kamberra' meaning 'meeting place'.