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The project Red Flag is a campaign carried under the banner of The National Hemophilia Foundation to make women aware of bleeding disorders. It has been estimated that there are around two and a half million women with undiagnosed bleeding disorders and it is very essential that they realise and know about this to lead a healthy and normal life. The Project Red Flag Academic Scholarship program is offered by The National Hemophilia Foundation  for women with bleeding disorders. Women who  want to pursue their  post-high school studies, have the best opportunity in the form of this scholarship. The applicant must be a female, resident of US and have bleeding disorder( von willebrand disease, hemophilia or other clotting factor deficiency or a carrier status) diagnosed with hematologist. The application form has been made available at : and requires school reference, chapter/association reference and an essay of 250 words describing  How your education and future career plans will benefit others in the bleeding disorder community?. The complete application packet must be mailed  to concerned authority no later than May 14, 2010 to: Patrice Flax, NHF Manager Of Education, P.O Box 971483, Ypsilanti Mi 48197

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