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MedPro Inc.  is an ACHC accredited (Accreditation Commission For Health Care Inc.) provides specialized pharmacy services for patients with chronic illness. Through its Eduation Is Power Scholarship Program, MedPro Inc. want to give opportunity of higher education to those living with Hemophilia and Von Willenbrand Disease. MedPro believes education to such students will give them  better job opportunity  and access to best health care options that are badly needed by by persons with bleeding disorders. There are total 20 scholarships which will be awarded to such students ranging in value $ 500-$ 2,500. You need to fulfill following requirement to apply for this scholarship: Must be a United States Resident Individuals  with bleeding  disorders, Hemophilia or vom Willebtand Disease Currently enrolled or shall be entering a community college, junior college, four year college, university or vocational school in the fall of 2010 Involved in community services and volunteer work The application is available in PDF format and Microsoft Word Format at : . Along with the application you need to submit following documents: Copy of recent transcript Proof of admission to school Proof of school tuition A letter of approval from a physician or nurse of your bleeding disorder [...]

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