Business Scholarships

Finding a business scholarship may not be a very tough job for most, but getting the best scholarship definitely requires a lot of your effort. You need to know exactly how and where to find the scholarships for your distinguished needs.

Most often these scholarships are offered either by the particular school or university or by numerous professional and private organizations as well as charitable foundations, trying to provide the students with enough financial aids for their studies. The following list may provide you with an idea on the various business scholarships that are readily available for the aid of students.

  1. AICPA Minority Accounting Students Scholarships : This program, now existant for more than 20 years, is funded by the AICPA Foundation through active contributions from its members, public accounting firms and others. Under this program, scholarships worth $5,000 are awarded to outstanding minority students to encourage their selection of business education.

  1. ICFAI Business School Scholarships : There are two basic scholarships administered under this scholarship program. The IBSAT Merit Scholarship offers scholarships worth nearly 3 crore catering to almost 200 students scoring well at the admission stage. Whereas, the Campus Merit Scholarships offers nearly 30 crore to students performing brilliantly in semesters during the course of the program.

  1. USA : Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships: This is quite a suited scholarship for female students, of any nationality, pursuing an undergraduate business degree and demonstrating a worthy potential in the field. For a student to be eligible for this scholarship, she should have a good academic record and should be entering the third or fourth year of an undergraduate degree programĀ  at the same time demonstrating outstanding achievements in business-related subjects. Under this scholarship, the students can receive upto $4,000 to cover for the various college expences.

  1. IFA Educational Foundation/ PepsiCo Foundation Minority Entrepreneurs Scholarship: The Minority Entrepreneurs Scholarship, is a joint effort by PepsiCo Foundation and IFA Educational Foundation. The sole purpose of the program is to offer financial help to the minority students enrolling into business, franchising and/or entrepreneurial studies. Under this program, the students can receive scholarships upto $3,000 annually.

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