Grant Information For Connecticut Colleges

If you are thinking about putting off your desire to study in a Connecticut school because of financial burden, then you need to reconsider your decision. With so many useful grants that the state of Connecticut has to offer, the cost of schooling can become affordable to a great extent. You just need to know how and where to find the most suited grant.

Most of the grants offered by the state are administered by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education in close association with the Board of Governors.

Listed are some college grants which the state of Connecticut offers:

  1. CT Aid For Public College Students : This grant serves those with a comparitively low income, aspiring to enroll into a state college or university and it also covers for your tuition needs.

  2. CT Independent College Student Grant : As against the grant program for public college students, this grant serves students pursuing education through private or independent institution. The grant covers for an amount of $7700 to $8500.

  3. CT Minority Teacher Incentive Grant : This is a specialized grant for providing funds up to $5000 per year to assist minority students to pursue teaching program.

  4. Outstanding Community College Accounting Student Award : A grant for an amount of $400 to the undergraduate students attending the state college or majoring in accounting at community college.

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