Grant Information For Delaware Colleges

Inspite of the fact that Delaware is a small state, enough financial aids and grants have been introduced over the years to ensure that you can afford higher education. This is a good opportunity for students to attend an institute of higher education while still remaining in their home state.

The Delaware Higher Education Commission is responsible for offering some extremely useful grants and scholarships to the students of this state. Some other scholarships which provide similar type of grant facilities include:

  1. Scholarship Incentive Program : This is a need based program which offers grants upto $2200 or $1000 to graduates and undergraduates attending institutes of higher learning. The grant also covers for colleges and universities in Pennsylvania.

  2. Governor's Workforce Development Grant : This grant is exclusively for part-time non-traditional adults, who are looking for an opportunity to earn a degree or certificate. The amount awarded for this grant equals to about $1250 to $5000.

  3. Student Excellence Equals degree Program(SEED) : This grant offers an opportunity to attend a University or college of Delaware to those students who are not at the top of their classes. This is typically an award based on need and merit.

  4. Diamond State Scholarships Fund : A grant for an amount of $1200 per academic year awarded to students or individuals with comparitively high GPA and outstanding SAT or ACT scores.

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