Scholarships for Disabled Student

For long, the disabled and the handicapped students have been at an accute disadvantage, especially when it comes to financial aids for college education. With the ever increasing education and medical costs, it is a major challenge for the disabled students to support their higher education.

Considering these financial necessities of the disabled students, several useful scholarships have been introduced not only by the government but also by numerous private organizations. If you have any kind of mental or physical disability or even if you suffer from some chronic illness, you may be eligible for at least one of the following scholarships:

  1. Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation : This scholarship is especially designed for the physically challenged female undergraduate students. The scholarship comes as a boon for students who constitute a minority group apart from being physically disabled.

  2. Learning Disabilities Association : This scholarship typically caters to students demonstrating learning disabilities like, dyslexia and ADHD, etc. The sole aim of this association is to provide such disabled students with learning experiences, education resources and services.

  3. National Federation for the Blind : The NFB is known to give almost 30 scholarships each year in July, to recognize the commendable achievements of blind scholars. However, to receive this scholarship, the student should be legally blind and be pursuing a degree program in one of the US state colleges. Also, they must participate in the entire NFB national convention.

  4. National Association of the Deaf : This is supposedly one of the oldest and largest organizations supporting nearly 28 million deaf students with their higher education. The association takes it upon itself to provide utmost financial help to those who genuinely require it.

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