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Newbury Hall School exists to help young people from overseas to grow into successful adults with good social skills, self-discipline, high self-esteem and strong academic credentials. We believe that young people develop best in a structured and orderly environment which takes account of their individual needs. At Newbury Hall School, we start teaching each student in each subject from the level of that student's own development in that field. We do not follow an arbitrary curriculum which tries to fit all students into the same pattern of knowledge. We appreciate that the teenage years can be a period of great confusion as well as great excitement, and we look at every student and the totality of their needs, and map the possibilities for their individual development.
This is the course for students who, for any reason, did not complete High School in their own country. In England this is the exam students take aged sixteen. GCSE is a course which trains the mind, develops the memory, and allows the student to explore a range of skills and subjects.

The first year of A-Level is known as AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level. The second year of A-Level is known as A2. Points are awarded for both AS and A2. The advantages of A-Levels go far beyond the certification of students for university.

Junior Foundation Course
This course can lead onto the GCSE course, or in certain cases can be a preparation for A-levels, where the student's academic and language level is appropriate.
One of our areas of particular strength is in the key area of growing students’ English language skills and we are able to draw on a wealth of experience and techniques for developing this. We are proud of the quality and frequency of our reporting (twice every term), and the short turnaround times we have for responding to parental queries.