Grant Information For Florida Colleges

For an individual residing in Florida, thinking about obtaining a degree, diploma or a certificate by enrolling in a state college can at times be a tough decision because of lack of enough financial means. However, with the various grants offered by the Florida government along with regional, local and other private sources, you can pay for your continued education.

The Florida Government is known to provide numerous grants to help students enroll for higher education in state-based institutes.

A few of these grants have been listed below:

  1. Frederick W. And Grace P. Brecht Schoalrship : This grant is primarily for the residents of Brevard County. High school graduates who have been accepted to some college or university of the state, have a GPA of at least 2.0 and are genuinely in need of financial aid are eligible for this grant which amounts for $1000.

  2. William L. Boyd,IV Florida Resident Access Grant : The foremost requirement for aquiring this grant is that you must be a resident of Florida for at least 12 consecutive months, preparing to attend a non-profit college. Other requirements include that you must be in the first baccalaureate degree program, be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours per semester and be classified as an undergraduate.

  3. Florida Private Student Assistance Grant : This grant is awarded on an yearly basis to numerous undergraduates and amounts for $200 to $1672.

  4. Access to Better Learning and Education Grant : This grant covers for various tuitions and is awarded to undergraduate students attending some college in Florida.

  5. Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund : This grant is especially for the Hispanic-American students. Nearly 63 such students are awarded a grant of $2000 every year.

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