Grant Information For Georgia Colleges

If you are a resident of the state of Georgia, then paying for your college education requires you to be least worried. This is possible only because of the the Student Finance Commission, which is responsible for administering numerous grants and scholarships via state colleges and universities.

Besides all other grants, one of the most prominent sources of financial aids is the Georgia HOPE Program. Funded by the state lottery, this program supposedly offers three options and the scholarship can be applied to either a public or a private college. Students showing strong academic record can receive up to $1500 or the grant may offer to cover their tuition cost entirely. This grant is exclusively for those who are at a severe financial disadvantage.

There are some other education grants that the state proposes to offer like:

  1. HOPE GED Voucher : A voucher for $500 is available for students planning to attend an institute for higher learning but who do not posess a traditional diploma and instead earn a GED.

  2. Georgia's Tuition Equalization Grant Program : This is an added incentive for students who wish to study from home instead of attending a private institute.

  3. Governor's Scholarship Program : This is a merit based grant that offers about $1000 annually to top students who attend a state public college or university.

  4. Georgia Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Grant Program : A $2000 grant being awarded to almost 3000-3500 undergraduates students each year attending Georgia college.

  5. Hope-Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally : A grant awarded to nearly 140000-170000 undergraduate students, attending a state college yearly. The grant amount equals to about $300 to $3900.

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