Supplemental Education Grants

Students with exceptional financial need my qualify for additional grants. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program (FSEOG) is an additional grant opportunity.

The FSEOG program is federally funded, but funds are awarded by individual colleges and universities. This means that the college is responsible for awarding the grants to students that show unusual financial need.

Unlike Pell Grants, the amount of FSEOG funds you receive depends not only on your financial need but also on the amount of other aid you get and the availability of funds at your school.

FSEOGs are administered by the financial aid office at each school participating in the program. A FAFSA form is still required to be considered, and it is best to complete the application as soon as possible. Once you have received the results from the FAFSA application, you will need to contact your school's financial aid office to specifically apply for the FSEOG.

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