Grant Information For Hawaii Colleges

Hawaii, a true paradise state, is one of the most convinient places to live in and it is for this reason that its really difficult for the residents of this state to think of getting higher education anywhere else but here. Not only is this state a favorite with the residents, but even the students from outside the state are always looking forward to enroll in one of the state colleges. There are varied grants and scholarships available for everyone's need.

  1. Hawaii State Incentive Grant : This is a need based grant available as a supplement to Pell Grant, to students having low income.

  2. Hawaii B Plus Scholarship Program : This is a grant which specifically takes into account both need and merit. Qualified students planning to enroll in the University of Hawaii and having a GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible for this grant.

  3. Hawaiian Affairs Scholarship Program : Administered by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, this grant is for various subject-based needs like, enrollment in math, science, business degree as well as for enrollment in specific colleges and being a Native Hawaiian.

  4. SEED : This is a specialized grant administered by the University of Hawaii. Through this program several money programs are offered in various catagories like:

  1. Continuing Scholars Award for $1000 to $5000
  2. International Student Awards
  3. Regent Scholarships
  4. Presidential Scholarships

For More Information visit : Grants by State

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