Scholarships for High School Student

Today, a time has come, where only the wealthiest of students can manage the burden of heavy college expences. For the rest of them, it surely is much of a challenge. But, for all those academically aspiring students, meeting this challenge becomes mandatory.

There are several useful scholarships available for the high school students. These scholarships fall under different catagories. Listed here are some of the common catagories under which scholarships are awarded for high school students:

  1. Minority Student Scholarships : These scholarships are among the very few designed exclusively for the students constituting a minority group. Some of the common scholarships included under this are: BET Next Level Scholarship, Black Student Fund, etc.

  2. Scholarships for Women : These scholarships have been introduced to provide financial help to the young women aspirants. These include scholarships like, Talbot's Women Scholarship Fund, Daughters of the Cincinnati Scholarship, etc.

  3. Scholarships for Disabled : These scholarships provide financial aid to physically or mentally challenged students who face accute financial hardships in their academic life. These scholarships offer a much needed respite to the disabled students from the heavy education burden. A few of the important scholarships for the disabled students include, National Federation for the Blind, National Association for Deaf, etc.

  4. Scholarships for Single Mothers : The people who are mostly at a disadvantage, especially when it comes to receiving grants, are the single mothers. However, now there are several grants that have been introduced to aid such mothers. These include scholarships like the Sunshine Lady Foundation Scholarship or Raise The Nation Scholarship.

  5. Weird Scholarships : It is not always necessary for you to have a strong academic background in order to receive a scholarship. Sometimes your unique habbits or behaviour can also make you eligible for a scholarship. This especially holds true for weird scholarships like, Left Handed Scholarship, Unusual Last Name Scholarship, Asthma Scholarship, etc.

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