Grant Information For Indiana Colleges

If you are worried about additional financial aids for bearing the expences of enrolling into a college in the state of Indiana, then you must take a look at the numerous eduaction grants that this state offers to provide.

Regardless of whether you are already a resident student of the state or would like to be one, in Indiana you can find grants for all your educational needs.

  1. Frank O'Bannon Grant : Also known as the Indiana Higher Education Grant, this grant for the economically disadvantaged students, is administered by the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana. An important pre-requisite for achieving this grant is that you need to complete the FAFSA.

  2. Hoosier Scholarships : These are merit based grants for an amount of $500, available to incoming freshman enrolling in some college or university of Indiana state.

  3. Child of Disabled Veteran Grant or Purple Heart Recipient Grant : This grant is for children of veterans who were killed or wounded, are disabled or have received purple hearts.

  4. Department of Veterans Affairs : Free Tuition for Children of POW/MIAs in Vietnam: A grant awarded to numerous undergraduate students every year for varied amounts.

  5. Part-Time Grant Program: This is a grant facility especially for the part timers. This grant, for an amount of $50 to $4000, is awarded to nearly 4680-6700 undregraduate students attending an Indiana college every year.

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