Grant Information For Iowa Colleges

Every individual planning to attend a college in the state of Iowa, wishes to find some or the other kind of financial aid in order to support their education. Here are some grant options that the state of Iowa offers, for you to have a successful college experience.

  1. Governor Terry Branstad Iowa State Fair Scholarship: This grant usually offers up to $1000 to high school students involved with the Iowa State Fair, for their unique assistance to the community.

  2. Iowa Grant : Provided especially for the low income qualified individuals of the state, this grant serves non-traditional students also including adults and senior citizens, interested in going back to college for further education. Under this grant, the individuals can receive up to $1000 annually.

  3. Iowa Tuition Grants: This grant is available both for the part-time as well as full-time students attending colleges in Iowa. For attaining grants of up to $4000 per academic year, you are just required to complete FAFSA.

  4. Iowa Vocational-Technical Tuition Grants : This grant offers $650 as financial aids for disadvantaged students interested in pursuing technical or professional training as against a full degree program.

  5. Iowa Foster Child Grants : Awarded to varied number of freshmen attending a college in Iowa, this grant is for an amount of $2000 to $4200.

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