Grant Information For Kansas Colleges

As a resident of Kansas, you are eligible for a number of state funded grants and scholarships. With so many grants being administered by the State Board of Regents, obtaining financial aid for your college education is not a difficult option. So if you are thinking about dropping the idea of studying in some college of Kansas, you definitely need to rethink. The state of Kansas is known to provide numerous grants and scholarships.

Some of these include:

  1. Kansas Comprehensive Grants : Depending upon the type of school or college to be attended, students who are at an extreme financial disadvantage are awarded grants for a sum of $100 and $3000.

  2. State Vocational Scholarship: Being a merit-based award, in order for students to receive this grant, they should not only be a resident of the state of Kansas but also pass an entrance exam to a state vocational school or technical institute.

  3. Kansas Scholars Program: Qualified students with strong academic record are eligible for this grant. The other requirements include, enrollment in a state college or university, above average GPA and superior ACT scores. The students are awarded a sum of $1000.

  4. Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship: This is awarded to full time undergraduate minority students exhibiting academic motivation, who can demonstrate a financial need of up to $1800 annually.

  5. Midwest Student Exchange Program(MSEP): Awarded to several graduate and undergraduate students attending the state colleges of Kansas and other states.

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