Grant Information for Kentucky Colleges

If you are living in Kentucky or planning to attend some college in the state of Kentucky, then you might like to have some source of financial aid to support your education burden. The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority administers the Kentucky Tuition Grant which supposedly represents the core of state-funded grants. This grant may vary in amount from $200 to $2800 for each academic year.

Some other sources of funding in the state of Kentucky include:

  1. Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship : This scholarship caters to students who wish to pursue a degree and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

  2. College Access Program : This is exclusively for the financially disadvantaged students. The grant award is usually for an amount of $2000 per academic year.

  3. KHEEA Teacher Scholarship and Early Childhood Education Scholarship: These are two of the biggest sources for teaching and healthcare aspirants. This grant is especially helpful for individuals willing to work in rural areas or disadvantaged schools and hospitals.

For More Information visit : Grants by State

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