Grant Information for Maine Colleges

Every student gets excited by the opportunity of being able to continue their studies while residing in their home town. However, what many fear is the excessive amount of college expences that they might have to bear.

Taking these into consideration, the government of Maine offers to provide several education grants and scholarships for the students so that they can continue their studies in their home town only. Most often individuals qualify for one or more of these grants.

  1. Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) : This in particular is responsible for administering grants, scholarships and loan forgiveness programs for the state students. As a financial help towards the financially disadvantged students, the program awards sum of $500 and $1500, depending upon the type of institute.

  2. Tuition Waiver Programs : As a token of gratitude, this grant is awarded to dependents of people killed in public service as well as to students in or exiting state foster care system.

  3. Dean's Scholar Award : This award for an amount of $5000 is particularly for the non-residents of this state, who graduated in the upper 1/3 of their class.

  4. Boulos Family Scholarship : This grant caters to the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts who plan to attend a state college and are residents of Maine. Under this grant, the individuals are entitled to an amount of $2300.

  5. Barking Foundation Grants : Awarded to nearly 25 graduate and undergraduate students each year, this grant offers $3000 to resident students of this state.

  6. Nextgen Student Grant Program : A grant for $400 to $1000 awarded to resident undergradutes of the state of Maine every year.

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