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If you are worried about how to arrange for the heavy expences of college education, then probably you need to go through the various grants and scholarships that the state of Massachusetts offers to students who aspire to go in for higher education by enrolling into one of the state colleges or universities.

These state-funded grants and scholarships are primarily administered by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, which apply not only for the University of Massachusetts but even for numerous other affiliated community colleges. A few other grants for which the students can possibly apply include:

  1. Performance Bonus Grant: This grant has been aptly introduced for the extremely financially disadvantaged students of the state.

  2. MASSGrant: Awards up to $2300 per academic year to need-based undergraduate students who can show economic distress and are planning to enroll into a 4 or 2 year technical or vocational institute.

  3. Massachusetts Part-Time Grant Program: This grant facility is especially for those adults who wish to return to school or for students who in spite of their academic interests are unable to attend school because of insufficient financial resources. This is for an amount of $200 to $1150.

  4. Student Essay Competition: An award for the undergraduate students attending Massachusetts college or university each year, for an amount of $500 to $1500.

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