Grant Information For Michigan Colleges

When in Michigan, you may qualify for a number of state or private-funded grants and scholarships depending upon your needs, which may be merit-based, subject-based or some other conditions. You just need to span your knowledge to get the best suited grants and scholarships.

The Michigan sponsored grants and scholarships have primarily been introduced in order to provide the students with financial aids so that they can pursue their academic interests and not worry about the burden of college expences.

There are several grants and scholarships that the students of this state can opt for like:

  1. Michigan Merit Award: This award is administered only to students scoring high in their high school aptitude tests. The award is for an amount of $3000.

  2. Tuition Incentive Program: Only the financially or socially disadvantaged students, interested in pursuing at least 2-years of college, are eligible for this grant.

  3. Michigan Education Opportunity Grant: Students who wish to pursue a community, technical or vocational college education and are extremely distressed financially, can apply for this particular grant.

  4. Michigan Tuition Grant: This grant is for Michigan students, interested in attending a private school instead of a state-funded school. The grant amount is for $1000 to $2500.

  5. Michigan Adult Part-Time Grant: A grant amount of $600 is awarded to undergraduate students enrolling in Michigan colleges.

  6. Michigan Veterans Trust Fund: A grant of $2800 awarded each year to number of undergraduate students of Michigan.

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