Minorities Scholarships

There are a whole lot of grants and scholarships that have been designed to provide financial help to the students representing a minority section of the society. Whether you are looking for a masters in healthcare administration or you would like to be a Doctor, that is why these scholarships are here for, to help you with the expenses of school. These most commonly include the Blacks and the Hispanics. The primary aim of these scholarships is to offer the aspiring students with an opportunity to apply for higher education.

  1. BET Next Level Scholarship : This scholarship is a joint effort of BET and Sallie Mae to help the black students. In case you belong to such a catagory and are interested in continuing your high school education, but lack enough financial resources, the BET and Sallie Mae Fund can help you pay for your college expences. This scholarship program aims at making available as much as $25,000 in scholarships.

  2. The Black Student Fund : Another very useful scholarship facility for the minority students is the Black Student Fund. Under this fund program, tuition grants are awarded in conjunction with the BSF Member Schools to students having a modest financial background. Although the BSF is responsible for offering financial aids to students for attending schools, it does not ensure admission into the schools and it is purely on a merit basis.

  3. Hispanic Scholarship Fund : For all those hispanic students, attending a community college and with a GPA of 3.0, the HSF has a National College Scholarship Program. Under this program, grants worth $1000 to $5000 are administered either on the basis of need or merit. There are also a  number of other scholarships which the HSF co-sponsors with a variety of corporations, to students having specific majors.

  4. Hispanic Heritage Foundation Youth Awards : This foundation presents scholarship awards to high school seniors presenting academic excellence in their community. Recipients are chosen purely on a merit basis. In addition to a scholarship amount of $5000, the program also offers free laptop computers for the students.

  5. Hispanic College Fund : Hispanic undergraduate college students, having a GPA of at least 3.0 and demonstrating accute financial need, are rightly eligible for this $500 to $5000 scholarship.

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