Grant Information for Missouri Colleges

Regardless of whether you wish to apply for a vocational course or a professional course, Missouri state has grants and scholarships for all your educational needs.
The primary source of financial aids in this state is the Missouri Department of Higher Education. You just need to know how to find these grants and you can certainly qualify for at least one of these financial assistance programs.

Some grants and scholarships for which you can possibly qualify are:

  1. Charles Gallagher Student Assistance Program: Grants financial aids of up to $1500 to state residents on the basis of a review of completed FAFSA. The best part about this grant is that even the undergraduate students can receive amounts up to $1500 through this grant.

  2. Missouri College Guarantee Scholarship: Grants up to $6200 to students having a GPA of 2.5 or higher with an ACT score of at least 20.

  3. Marguerite Ross Barnett Memorial Scholarship: This a quite a beneficial scholarship for the part timers. Students can receive as much as $900 and $1700 by enrolling into a 2 or 4-year state college or university.

  4. Chancellor's Scholarship: Students having a GPA of 3.25 or higher and graduating in the top 10% in their high school class, are eligible for this particular scholarship, which is for an amount of $12,000.

  5. Harry S. Truman Library Institute Undergraduate Student Grant: Missouri state undergraduate students, majoring in economics/historic preservation, can qualify for this $1000 grant.

For More Information visit : Grants by State

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