Grant Information for Nebraska Colleges

Like most other states, Nebraska has several state-funded grants and scholarships as well as private sources providing financial aids to students so that, they can enroll into one of the Nebraska state colleges or universities for higher education.

The Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education is the very core resourse administering grants and scholarships to students looking forward to attending the state colleges. This commission takes it upon itself to provide as much financial aids as it can to the needy students and some of the grants that it administers include:

  1. Nebraska State Grant: This grant is for the residents of the state who are extremely distressed financially and are looking for aids of some kind. The grant amount ranges from $100 to $1032.

  2. University and Community College System of Nevada NASA Space Grant and Fellowship Program: Being a selective and a highly prestigious scholarship, this grant is awarded to only about 1-20 undergraduate students each year, who are majoring in aerospace science. The grant amount stands at $2500 to $30000.

    Besides these state-funded grants and scholarships, there are other organizations like the Lincoln Community Foundation, which rewards the students with specialized monetary awards of $200 and $2000, collected from generous donors. Because of an increased retardation in the number of teachers willing to teach in tribal schools or remote areas, there are specialized offers like, Loan Forgiveness for teachers and healthcare professionals. So, one can definitely go in for any one of these grants or scholarships.

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