Grant Information for Nevada Colleges

Just being a resident of Nevada makes you eligible for a number of grants and scholarships. But, in order that you find the best suited grant for yourself, you need to have a thorough knowledge about the available grants.

Several state-funded and privately administered grants are available for the students of Nevada. Some of the sponsorers of state-funded grants are, Nevada State College System, the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education and the Nevada State Treasurer's Office. The other grants include:

  1. Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program: Being one of the most popular and exclusively administered awards, under this grant program, students with exceptional high school academic record and planning to attend a 4-year degree program are given this award.

  2. Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education: This grant works in favour of the non-residents of this state and helps them in achieving an education through Nevada schools. The Western Undergraduate Exchange Program helps them in this, by restricting the cost of out-of-state tuition fee to no more than 50%.

  3. Nevada State Access Grant: This grant is preferably for the residents of this state and covers for the tuition costs of students. For the out-of-state students, there is the Out-of-State Grant-in-Aid.

  4. Regents Award Program: This grant offers a brilliant opportunity to the financially disadvantaged students to attend a state school while also allowing them to secure a community service job. However, the grant especially requires you to be a single parent, over the age of 22 and people who can prove financial disadvantage.

  5. Nevada Student Incentive Grant: This grant is awarded to nearly 400-800 undergraduate students each year and ranges in amount from $100 to $5000.

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