Grant Information for New Hampshire Colleges

Just like most other states in the US, New Hampshire too has special education facilities for its students. These education facilities are in the form of special grants and scholarships to help the students keep their academic interests going on.

One such organization which is actively involved in offering financial aids to the disadvantaged students, is the New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission. Being a resident of the state of New Hampshire, you can get qualified for several grants and scholarships by other such organizations.

Listed below are some interesting grants and scholarships for your assistance:

  1. New Hampshire Incentive Program: This is a need based grant facility for students attending a participating school in New England area. The grant amount is $1000 per academic year.

  2. Leveraged Incentive Grants: Under this grant, the in-state residents, wishing to enroll into one of the state colleges or universities are provided financial aids. This need as well as merit based grant is for a big amount of $7500 each year.

  3. Granite State Scholars Program: This is a typical merit based grant which exclusively funds only the most brilliant students of the state, having an equally brilliant academic record.

  4. Workforce Incentive Program: This grant has especially been introduced for the fields where there are shortages. These may include major fields like, nursing, math, foreign language studies, etc. Under this program, students are offered facilities like, loan repayment or loan forgiveness.

  5. Scholarships for Orphans of Veterans Program: There are several students who might have lost either of their parents in armed conflicts. For all such students, there is this need based grant program, providing up to $2500 to students.

  6. Mary Milliken Scholarship: A $1000 award for undergraduate students of New Hampshire.

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