Grant Information for New Jersey Colleges

As an educationally advanced state of US, New Jersey values the importance of education more than anything else and constantly works for raising the academic standards of the residents of New Jersey. As an important introductory step, New Jersey has several grant and scholarship facilites that the students can qualify for while planning to attend a state college.

One of the most sought after grants in the state of New Jersey is probably the Tuition Assistance Grant. This is so, because, being a need based grant, this caters not only to the low income students but also to the middle income students, completing FAFSA.

The other grants and scholarships include:

  1. NJ Stars Program : This is a special merit based program allowing students to attend a community college while covering for part of their tuition expences towards a chosen program.

  2. Outstanding Scholar Recruitment Program : For students who have a strong academic record and wish to have an outstanding career ahead, there is this grant offering up to $7500.

  3. World Trade Center Scholarship Fund : Unlike the Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Scholarship Program, which is a grant facility for the dependents of Law Enforcement Officers killed in line of duty, this grant is especially for the dependents of people lost in the 9/11 attacks.

  4. Dana Christmas Scholarship for Heroism : This is a very unique kind of award named after a student called Seton Hall, who is supposed to have been brave enough to have saved the lives of several students during a fire. This scholarship is basically awarded to students showing acts of heroism.

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