Grant Information for New Mexico Colleges

If you are a resident of New Mexico, you are probably aware of the numerous colleges and universities that the state houses. What you may not be knowing is that this state also offers several grant and scholarship facilities in order to help you enroll into these colleges.

Several state-funded scholarships are provided by the new Mexico Higher Education Department and qualifying for all these grants and scholarships is quite easy. All you need to know are the grants for which you might be eligible.

The following list may help you choose a grant for yourself:

  1. College Affordability Grant: As the name suggests, this is an exclusive need based grant for non-traditional students who can neither afford their schooling expences nor do they qualify for any other financial aids.

  2. New Mexico Student Incentive Grant: Under this grant, awards in the range of about $200 to $2500 are administered to financially disadvantaged students, attending public college, university or independent institutes.

  3. State Legislative Endowment Grant: Under this grant, monetary help up to $2500 is provided to financially distressed students, planning to attend a New Mexico state college or university.

  4. Competitive Scholarship: Awarded each year to non-residents, willing to attend public institute in New Mexico. An important requirement for this grant is that the application should be sent directly through the school.

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