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Kahuna Bodywork has been brought to the Western World by (Kahu) Abraham Kawai’i, Kahuna (Kanaka Maoli). The teaching is preserved and taught in Australia at the Australian College of Kahuna Sciences in its original format.Kahuna Bodywork is often mistakenly called Kahuna massage or lomi lomi. It does incorporate elements of massage and lomi, but Kahuna Bodywork is essentially much more. It requires the Kahuna exercises to enable us to widen our understanding and ways of thinking, to become able to 'read the script of a body', taking multiple perspectives all at the same time. Exploration of these Kahuna exercises can teach us Kahuna perspective.
The Kahuna Bodywork courses extend to Advanced Diploma level and were developed under the guidance of the Kahuna, maintaining the Kahuna style of training, incorporating the Family Principle while complying with Australian Qualification Standards. There is no other authentic and accredited Kahuna Bodywork course.The College runs personal development courses and workshops and delivers 3 recognised Kahuna Bodywork Qualifications.We are taking the 'flexible delivery' approach in teaching, incorporating a variety of methods, including home study, face to face classes, workshops and student clinics.
Foundation to Kahuna Bodywork Training are the Kahuna Exercises (Ka’alele au) and preparations as developed by (Kahu) Abraham Kawai’i, Kahuna.Students practice Ka’alele au, which are precise variables of martial art style ancient hula sequences, for many hours and days before Kahuna Bodywork and massage training commences.Ka’alele au, with its controlled and focused movements conducted at various speeds, looks similar to Tai Chi Chuan and is an ancient spiritual dance/movement-the art of non verbal communication with all things.