Suite 4, Level 6, 51 Druitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (61 2) 9262 7890
  • Established 1891
  • Location Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Type Theological consortium
  • Vice principal
The Australian College of Theology (ACT) is an Australian theological education provider. The college was one of the first Australian non-university providers to offer an accredited bachelor's degree and a research doctorate. Over 15,000 people have graduated since the foundation of the college, one-third of these in the last decade. It is a company limited by guarantee as of September 2007.
The courses of the college are accredited by the Australian College of Theology, under approval as a self-accrediting provider.
Diploma of Theology
Advanced Diploma of Theology
Diploma of Ministry
Advanced Diploma of Ministry
Associate Degree of Theology
Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Theology (Honours)
Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Ministry (Honours)
Bachelor of Christian Studies
Graduate Certificate of Divinity
Graduate Diploma of Divinity
The Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia, the Most Reverend Phillip Aspinall, the Archbishop of Brisbane, presides as chairman at a general meeting of the Australian College of Theology Limited. The Most Reverend Philip Freier, the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, served as the chair of the directors from 2002 until May 2008. His successor is David Barr AM.The college was established by the 1891 General Synod of the Church of England in Australia and Tasmania. The college was founded in order to provide for the "systematic study of divinity", especially among clergy and ordination candidates, there being no realistic opportunities for them to earn a Bachelor of Divinity (BD) degree at English universities.