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The Australian Institute of Management Sciences (AIMS) was initiated in 2003 as a Division of the Australian Institute of Music (AIM). The program was headed by Professor Greg Whateley who was also Director of The Calvo Institute (TCI). AIMS managed an undergraduate programme – Bachelor of Music (Arts Management)-and a suite of post graduate offerings – a Graduate Certificate in Arts Management, a Graduate Diploma of Arts Management and a Master of Arts Management. AIMS developed a number of links throughout Australia and Asia. At the end of 2004 the Australian Institute of Music was in part sold and the new management group decided to close both the Calvo Institute and AIMS. All Arts Management programs were embedded in the AIM superstructure as a Department (Department of Arts Management) under the direction of Professor Paul Saintilan. In 2008 a partnership was formed between AIM and the Sydney Opera House (SOH) to run a joint initiative-Master of Arts Management-on site at the SOH. The program currently is managed by both Professor Paul Saintilan (now based in Geneva) and Consulting Professor Greg Whateley
The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) is a private not-for-profit institution originally founded in 1968 by Dr Peter Calvo, and then known as the Sydney Guitar School.[1] AIM is known as a Sydney based Music School and offers undergraduate and graduate courses in Contemporary Performance, Classical Performance, Audio Engineering, Composition & Music Production, Musical theatre, Theatre Performance and Acting, and Entertainment Management.AIM students individually tailor their studies to integrate performance skills, business management, marketing, individual instrument or voice lessons, audio & sound engineering, music production and other specialised units. Students in the Bachelor of Entertainment at AIM, and students in the Bachelor of Performance at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Art are the only AIM students who are required to undertake industry placements as part of their courses.
AIM is located in Surry Hills, Sydney Australia and is approved by the Australian Government as a Higher Education Provider.in 1969 Dr Peter Calvo started a business called the Sydney Spanish Guitar Centre, which was incorporated in 1987 as a proprietary company limited by shares.In 1989 it changed its name to the Australian Institute of Guitar Limited. Its constitution was amended so that it became a public company limited by shares and by guarantee. In 1991 it changed its name to The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) and was registered as a public company limited by shares. In 1996 AIM became an organisation eligible for tax deductibility of donations and listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations maintained under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (Cth). In 1989 AIM was accredited by the New South Wales Department of Education as a provider of tertiary courses providing a three?year Diploma in Music. In 1995 it became accredited by the Department of Education for a four?year Degree of Bachelor of Music.