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  • Establishment 1947
  • Location Moss Vale, NSW. Australia.
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Capernwray Torchbearers was established in England after World War II under the direction of Major Ian Thomas. The spiritual vacuum in the lives of those affected by war, both English and German, was apparent. This need led to the purchase of "Capernwray Hall" in 1946 in the famous Lakes District of northern England. It was a desolate ruin, yet became a centre for short term Bible Schools for laymen in the winter and a Bible conference programme in summer. (Since that time Capernwray Hall has been restored to its former glory as a 19th century mansion set in 175 acres of parkland). Thus in 1947, "Torchbearers" began! The purpose and goal of Capernwray Bible School is to instruct students in the content of Scripture in order that they might discover through the written word the reality of the Living Word; and to provide for each student the opportunity to discover the complete sufficiency of Christ in life and service so as to create an attitude of willing abandonment to Him irrespective of the personal consequences;and to do this in an environment of mutual respect, courtesy and love that models and expresses the character of Christ.
The purpose of this module is to provide participants with skills for self-study of the Bible, using limited resources, so that they can further increase their Bible knowledge, which is foundational for practical ministries in Christian organisations. The purpose is also to develop ongoing skills in personal Bible study and application. We offer an accredited courses:

CMT001 Identify how Christian Scripture, Life and Practice are understood today
CMT002 Identifies Theological Data
CMT003 Identifies a Range of Information within a Theological Theme or Issue
CMT004 Identifies New Theological Insights
CMT005 Identifies Theological Knowledge in Relation to the Christian Way of Life
CMT006 Communicates Theology in Everyday Language
CHCCS311C Deliver and Monitor Service to Clients
CHCCD413D Work Within Specific Communities
CHCNET301D Participate in Networks
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