Levels 2 - 4, 545 Kent Street, Sydney 2000, NSW, Australia + 61 2 9283 3601
http://elsis.edu.au/ info@elsis.edu.au
  • Established 1991
  • Location 545 Kent Street, Sydney 2000, NSW, Australia
  • Type Private
  • Vice principal http://elsis.edu.au/
Since 1991, the English Language School In Sydney (ELSIS) has been teaching English to students from all parts of the world including South East Asia, South America and Europe. Our mix of nationalities makes it a vibrant place to study and learn English, with such a great mix our students learn very quickly. ELSIS students are attracted to the School’s friendly atmosphere, great location and excellent facilities, we even have a Job Club and many social activities!ELSIS prides itself on being a boutique school with a welcoming atmosphere that is both supportive and encouraging.
ELSIS is always improving its facilities and services provided to the students. In the past 2 years ELSIS has continuingly invested in student services and in our premises aiming to achieve quality teaching and environment to the students. We are always searching the educational market to bring the latest technology and services to our students.
English Language School in Sydney (ELSIS) offers following courses.

General English Course:
Our General Intensive English course is recommended as a first step in language learning. For those just starting out with English, General Intensive English gives you a solid grounding in grammar and you improve your social and functional communication.

Business English Course:
The course aims to improve students’ ability to communicate in English in a wide range of business situations.

IELTS Preparation Course :
This is a examination preparation course which prepares students for the internationally recognised International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination. The course includes authentic IELTS-style examinations which students take every 3 weeks of the course.

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