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  • Established 2001
  • Location 22 Darley Road Manly NSW 2095, Australia
  • Type Private
  • Vice principal http://www.ihsydney.com.au/
Established in 2001, International House Sydney is the industry leader in both teaching English to international students and training teachers to lead those classrooms. English language ability is seen as a key step in establishing and developing a successful career in our globalised world. International House Sydney offers you a great opportunity to achieve your goals with English and to further your skills. With a great range of English programmes taught by experienced and highly trained teachers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you will be assured of a rewarding experience.
International House is a dynamic community of undergraduate and postgraduate, local and international students and academics. International House Sydney offers following courses.

Learn English:
* English Advantage (General English)
* English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
* Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses
* IELTS Preparation

Teach English:
* On Campus Training Courses
* By Distance Training Courses

Course Finder:
* Native English Speaker
* Non-Native English Speaker
IH Sydney has had a 30 year history in both Manly and Sydney, and is well known for its quality and excellence in education and service. Tim will continue with this commitment to quality, and to grow and expand the company throughout Australia and overseas.