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  • Location 225 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
  • Principal Dr Gauld
  • Type Private
  • Vice principal http://new.mega.edu.au/
MEGA’s courses are well structured and are delivered by experienced and highly qualified teachers. Students will experience interactive face-to-face tutorials and lectures, participate in interesting case studies to develop their knowledge and further their analytical skills, and be provided with challenging group projects that also broaden their team skills. Upon successful completion of the course, students will gain valuable skills to independently analyse issues from facts and appropriately apply learnt knowledge to produce sound solutions and strategies.
Macquarie Education Group Australia (MEGA) is accredited by NEAS Australia, VETAB and Board of Studies (NSW). MEGA has earned a reputation for the high quality of its education in the industry. Our highly qualified and friendly staff ensures that your experience at MEGA is one that is memorable and rewarding.

MEGA’s courses focus both on
1) developing your theoretical understanding of the course contents, and
2) developing your practical and analytical skills to prepare you for when you enter your chosen professional field or pursue further studies.

Macquarie Education Group Australia(MEGA) offers following courses:

Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Accounting
Bachelor of Commerce
Macquarie Education Group Australia has two campuses that are located in the heart of Sydney. One campus is located opposite Town Hall on George Street. The other campus is located on Clarence Street near Queen Victoria Building.Travel is convenient as we are located close to public transport. Experience the cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues, and shopping that Sydney living has to offer. MEGA provides a modern study environment with facilities that include air-conditioned classrooms, computer labs with broadband internet connections and multi-media programs, fully equipped kitchen, and Resource Centre.