Level 6, 815 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia (+61 2) 9211 7411
http://www.oxford-college.com.au/ info@oxford-college.com.au
  • Established 1987
  • Location Level 6, 815 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
  • Type Private
  • Vice principal http://www.oxford-college.com.au/
Established in 1987, 23 years experience in looking after international students from non-English speaking countries. Our goal is to provide excellence in educational programs in a supportive, safe and caring environment for International students who wish to undertake university in Australia or for their career opportunities as well as preparation secondary high school. Fully accredited by the National ELT Accreditation Scheme Limited (NEAS). One of the oldest English Australia (EA) member colleges.
Oxford College is conveniently located in the heart of Sydney equipped with modern computer assisted learning centre.Oxford College, Sydney is nominated as Higher School Certificate HSC Examination Centre by NSW Department of Education's Board of Studies.
Our courses consist of:

Diploma of Management (1.5 years duration)
Advanced Diploma of Business (2 years & 4 weeks duration)
Diploma of Information Technology | System Administration (2 years duration)
As one of Emory's nine academic divisions, Oxford offers a distinctive, small-campus setting particularly conducive to significant academic accomplishments and personal development in the freshman and sophomore years. Students who complete the first two years of the Emory bachelor's degree in Oxford's liberal arts intensive program are automatically enrolled as juniors in the Emory College of Arts and Sciences, or they may compete with others to enter Emory's nursing and business schools.