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  • Establishment 1880
  • Location Rozelle, NSW. AU.
  • Type Public
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Evening and Community Colleges or their predecessors have been part of the NSW Education system since the 1880 Education Act when night schools were formalised as the adult part of the public education system. At various points in our educational history, Evening and Community Colleges have played important societal roles. Post World War One, for instance, Evening and Community Colleges played a significant role in the retraining and resettlement of returned soldiers. Literacy and Adult Basic Education have always featured high in the achievements of Evening and Community Colleges as has the Teaching of English as a Second Language to Adult Migrants. To be a premier, self-sustaining not-for-profit provider of innovative education and training. To enrich lives, to strengthen organisations and to build communities through innovative high quality education and training.
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Career Development Communications
Daytime Program
Online Learning
Personal Investment
Small Business Management
Workplace Training
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
Sewing Essentials
Bookbinding - Sectioned Stitched Journal
Ikebana - Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement
Hooping for Beginners
The College views Students as equal partners in the education process. As such, students at the College have similar responsibilities in respect of the College and to each other. Students therefore will: respect the dividuality and rights of all fellow students: maintain privacy and confidentiality in respect of all matters relating to students and staff: adhere to directions from the class tutor: work safely and not endanger others in the class: participate positively in class: adhere all College policies and procedures, including any rules and regulations (where known) governing the College’s operations: be aware of, apply and adhere to access and equity obligations described at Access and Equity.