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The Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SITCM) is one of Australia’s leading Traditional Chinese Medicine educational institutions, delivering practical, career orientated courses for over 28 years. It is a progressive institution, established to promote the growth and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) within our community and the health profession. The Institute aims to produce primary health care practitioners who practice their profession in a safe, effective and responsible manner within the framework of TCM.
The training courses provided by the SITCM are designed to empower graduates to serve the community through primary health care, ongoing education programs and work alongside other therapists in various clinical settings. The Institute fosters open-mindedness and commitment to high ideals, providing an environment in which students are able to develop the habits of continuing self-education and self-fulfillment through service to others.
Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine offers following Courses.

Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine:
This course is aimed is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine with the therapeutic delivery methods of Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage:
This course is aimed at those people who want to work in or who are currently working in the area of TCM Remedial Massage or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

At Sydney Institute of TCM, we believe that gaining practical experience and knowledge is an important part of our course and we assist our students in obtaining such experience by running our own student clinic. The Institute clinic is open to public six days a week, Monday to Saturday. The high standard of each treatment is assured by a fully qualified supervisor who is present at the clinic at all times.