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  • Established 1999
  • Location Level 1, 301 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
  • Type Private
  • Vice principal http://www.ssbt.nsw.edu.au/
The Sydney Schoolof Business and Technology Pty Ltd (SSBT) is a comprehensive, multicultural, vocational education college. Our mission is to anticipate and respond to the educational need of students, employers and communities in an advancing technological world. Our college provides an effective teaching and learning environment designed to raise education standards, enhance careers and enrich personal lives. Our objective is to provide every student with proficient skills for entry into their chosen career. We believe that student success is our success. SSBT aims to prepare every student for a rewarding future.
We offer the World Qualifications and Training Packages that are right for specific industry needs, right for technological and organizational changes, and right for processes of innovation.
List of Courses we offer:

The target group for this qualification are candidates who require skills in business administration areas. This group may include: Local and International students, employees who require business administration skills.

This qualification covers workers who use organization policies, procedures and individual children's profiles to plan activities and provide care to children, facilitating their leisure and play and enabling them to achieve their developmental outcomes. Depending on the setting, workers may work under direct supervision or autonomously.

The aim of this course is to guide students to become competent in a kitchen operation. The course outlines the skills required to prepare, cook and serve food. It focuses on each of the different categories of food cooking methods and practical skills.

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