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  • Director Paul Porta
  • Establishment 1979
  • Location Miranda, NSW, Australia.
  • Type PRIVATE
  • Vice principal http://www.tabornsw.edu.au/
Tabor College began operations in Adelaide in 1979, and was founded by Rev Dr Barry Chant. He had a vision for non-denominational, Holy Spirit led, Christian Tertiary education. Over the next decade, the college attracted students from all over Australia. This led to the establishment of campuses in other states. In 1988, a campus was started in Melbourne, and in 1992 operations began in both Perth and Sydney. And in 2000, another campus was established in Hobart. Since 2004 Tabor Colleges in Australia decided to operate separately from each other in order to enable greater flexibility and allow them to offer courses relevant to their local situations.
Tabor College NSW campus has been approved by DET to deliver Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) accredited Masters Degree courses.A graduate entry program for students with a previous tertiary qualification in a non-theological discipline seeking to undertake their initial theological studies. It is a comprehensive degree leading to Christian Ministry or graduate research study in theology at the highest level.

Tabor Undergraduate Award Courses:
Associate Degree Of Ministry
Bachelor Degree Of Ministry
Associate Degree Of Theology
Associate Degree Of Christian Counselling
Bachelor Degree Of Christian Counselling
Postgraduate Award Courses:
Tabor College NSW exists to further the kingdom of God by equipping and empowering Christians for ministry. Tabor does this by delivering tertiary courses that are known for their theological depth, while encouraging students to move with power and authority in the Holy Spirit.