Greenfield Parade Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia (+61 2) 8713 6900
  • Director Dr Thuy Mai-Viet
  • Established 2004
  • Location Greenfield Parade Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia
  • Vice principal
The University Preparation College (UPC) promotes education as a means to excel in all aspects of life. Our College strives to create a meaningful study experience that recognises every individual's cultural background and assists our students on their chosen path. Our programs are designed to help serious students articulate to a degree or higher education at university, or to work towards vocational trade recognition in Australia.
UPC College has several other courses to support local students in the development of new skills, or the the upgrading of existing skills which can lead to career advancement.
University Preparation College offers following Courses.

ELICOS PROGRAM – English Courses :
The EAP course develops students' academic vocabulary and teaches the essential research and writing skills required for further academic study. The EAP courses can be taken as part of our English for Higher Education Studies.

The course program covers child development; play support; behaviour management; and health and safety. It contains 11 core and 4 elective units. There is high demand for qualified persons in this area.

Prerequisite for this program is the Certificate III in Accounts Administration. It covers basic accounting skills and how to use computer based accounting systems.

UPC is based at its Bankstown campus. Bankstown is a multi-cultural city which is easily reached by a 30-minute train ride from Sydney Central. Our academic staff are industrially experienced trainers and post -graduate university academics in the areas of vocational training and English Language. The college is well equipped with lecture rooms, modern computer labs and common student areas. There are well equipped kitchen facilities for both staff and students, and private space to meet with your teachers and management. Students' social needs are not overlooked and dedicated areas are provided.