Grant Information for North Dakota Colleges

If you are a resident of North Dakota, you might well be aware of the numerous excellent schools and colleges of this state. However, in spite of all these good educational institutes in the state, not many are able to afford into these because of lack of financial resources.

As a measure to encourage more and more people to enroll into the state colleges and universities for higher education, North Dakota provides several state-specific and other financial aids and grants to the students. There are various criterias required to be fulfilled before you can become eligible for one of these grant facilities like:

  1. North Dakota Scholarship Program: This grant being a merit based grant offers scholarships to top 20 students and covers for their tuitions at a state college, university or tribal college. The best part about this grant opportunity is that, if the GPA is maintained at 3.5 or higher, there is provision to renew the grant for up to 3 years
  2. Indian Scholarsgip Program: North Dakota being a state having a large North American population, who are mostly at a disadvantage, has special grant facility under which nearly 100 students can avail grant amounts up to $2000, based on need and merit.

  3. North Dakota State Student Incentive Grants Program: Offers nearly 2000 students in need of financial aid, grants up to $500 and $1000 per academic year.

  4. Technology Occupations Student Loan Program: Because of an increased popularity of technological and vocational careers among the residents of North Dakota, grants up to $1000 are extended towards interested students.

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