Grant Information for Ohio Colleges

The state of Ohio has an extensive source of education financial aids in the form of grants and scholarships for the residents of this state as well as for the out-of-state students.

The sole purpose behind making these grants and scholarships available for the students is to bribe more and more students into joining the state colleges and universities for higher education. For this, Ohio provides the students with several useful scholarship and grant facilities like:

  1. Ohio College Opportunity Grants: This grant is for the students representing a low income group, who cannot afford to pay for the college expences or for students enrolling into a public or a private college or university.

  2. Ohio Instructional Grant: Through this grant, families having many dependants or children can receive large grants of up to $150 and $5000, depending upon their needs.

  3. Ohio Academic Scholarships Program: This grant covers for the tuition expence of top student residents, planning to attend an Ohio state college or university.

  4. Ohio Student Choice Grant: This is a great grant facility since it offers the undergraduate students with a choice to opt out of studying in a public school and instead study in a private school with the help of grants up to $900 awarded per academic year.

  5. Ohio Instructional Grant: Under this grant, awards between $78 to $5466, are given to undergraduate students for attending the state colleges. This grant also has provision for the part-time students to receive financial assistance by proving economic distress.

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