Grant Information for Oklahoma Colleges

Now you no more have to worry about your college expences when planning to attend an Oklahoma college or university. Sensing the interests of Oklahoma residents and out-of-state residents to attend colleges for higher education, the state has provision to offer grants and scholarships as per need or merit.

In Oklahoma, the administration of state-funded grants and scholarships is done by the State Regents for Higher Education. Some of the grants and scholarships that they administer include:

  1. Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant: Under this aid program, grants up to $1300 are awarded annually to students enrolling into private, public or vocational schools, who are able to prove economic disadvantage.

  2. Oklahoma Equalization Grant: Students representing a low income group, who demonstrate a wish to attend some private educational institute in the state, are eligible for this $2000 grant award.

  3. Heartland Scholarship Fund: Depending on the type of school to be attended, this award, which exclusively caters to dependents of those killed in the Oklahoma City Bombings, 1995, is for a heafty amount of $3500 to $5000.

  4. Oklahoma National Guard Tuition Waiver: This grant is for any college-age member of the Oklahoma National Guard, who wishes to attend a state college or university.

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