Grant Information for Oregon Colleges

If you are a resident of Oregon, then you can't possibly think of enrolling into a state college or university without having an insight into the numerous grant and scholarship facilities that the state offers.

One of the organizations in the state of Oregon, which strives for providing equal opportunities to students through grants and scholarships, is the Oregon Student Assistance Commission.

This organization is known to administer several grants and scholarships like:

  1. Oregon Opportunity Grants: Depending on the type of schooling to be pursued, this grant offers financial aids worth $1500 and $4500, to students who are desperately in need of money.

  2. Oregon Deceased or Disabled Public Safety Officer Grants: This grant covers for the tuition fees of those students who have lost their parents or guardians in the line of duty as an Oregon Public Safety Officer.

  3. Oregon Veteran's Education Aid: Awarded to veteran undergraduate students in varied number, attending Oregon colleges and universities.

  4. Ford Family Foundation Scholarships: This unique privately-funded grant includes four programs for those in financial distress. These are as follows:

  5. Ford Scholars Program: Awarded to students who wish to continue on to a 4-year school, this grant caters to over 100 community college students.

  6. Ford Opportunity Grant: Single parents exhibiting financial need, who are enrolled in a 4-year degree program, are eligible for this grant.

  7. Ford Re-Start Program: This grant facility is typically for the adults or non-traditional students, who show an interest to return to school for a degree or certificate.

  8. Ford Sons and Daughters Scholarship Program: This grant is provided only to the children of Roseburg Forest Products Company employees.

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